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Decover: Privacy Policy

At Decover, we care about the privacy of your data and are committed to protecting it. This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect and why. It explains how you can control your data. 

  1. 1. What information do we collect?
  1. a. Via the usage of the product.
  2. We collect the user's location data from the product and improve the quality of the product. This user data includes usage metrics, clicks, query types, number of queries, time spent on the application, and search latency. We do not collect sensitive information such as search queries, metadata about the documents, document contents, or any information that can personally identify a user. All data can be deleted from the application if the user wishes to do so.
  3. b. Via user feedback or support channels
  4. When a user sends back particular feedback, we collect their name and email address to get in touch with them later on to improve the quality of our product.
  5. c. Device and connection information
  6. We collect approximate information about the user's browser type and operating system anonymized. Information about the user's location or type of device is collected in an approximate manner so that it is impossible to identify the user.
  7. d. Email usage within the product
  8. The search results presented to the user adhere to the underlying access credentials provided by the admin. The email address is used to ensure that the data presented to the user is accessible only to the specific user.
  9. 2. How do we collect the information?
  1. To improve the product: The only goal of collecting aggregated metrics from product usage is to improve the quality of the product. We track usage metrics such as user clicks and query types to feed the product teams’ intuitions and build a better user experience for our customers.
  2. 3. How do we share the information?a. Sharing with our product and analytics team: The members of the product team have access to the anonymized information so that they can build a better product experience. Besides, in case of issues in the application, the engineering team has access to the feedback sent by the user (including their name and email address) to follow up with them and resolve their queries as soon as possible.
  3. b. Sharing with various third-party applications: We do not sell any usage information with the third-party applications that we use. Anonymized aggregate metrics are collected through tools such as Google Analytics and Heap to improve the overall quality of the user experience. None of the data includes information that can personally identify a specific user.
  4. 4. How do we store and secure the information we collect?a. Storage and security
  5. We keep all the usage data in an encrypted database inaccessible from the internet.
  6. Aggregated and anonymized data is kept in analytics applications such as Google Analytics to ensure that we can improve the user experience.
  7. b. How long do we keep information?
  8. The data is kept for 6 months.
  9. c. Storage location
  10. The usage data is stored in an AWS project in the United States.
  11. 5. Indemnification
  12. You have a right to request a copy of your information, to object to our use of your information, to request the deletion or restriction of your information, or to request your information in a structured, electronic format. Unless the request you’d like to make is detailed below, please contact us directly. 
  13. Access and update your information.
  14. Our services allow you to see a list of all the documents that Decover indexes in a listed format and update what documents should be included, modified, and deleted. 
  15. Deactivate your account.
    If you no longer wish to use our services, your administrator will be able to deactivate your account. This, in turn, deletes all the documents from our system that are accessible to you in the past, present, or future. If in case, your administrator is not able to deactivate your account, please contact us directly, and we shall be able to help delete your account.
  16. Opt out of communications.We will occasionally send emails with product updates or related information. You can opt out of receiving those communications through the unsubscribe link if you wish to.