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eDiscovery & LegalResearch Simplified.

DecoverAI: The Next-Generation Legal Platform Delivering Deep Insights to Litigating Attorneys in Seconds

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Time and Costs

DecoverAI offers a smart solution that streamlines document review and legal research, saves time, and enhances data security, helping legal professionals work more efficiently and cost-effectively


Costly Document Checks

The extensive process of sifting through hundreds of documents incurs significant financial costs for legal firms, adding to the overall expenses without guaranteeing efficient results.


Time Pressure

Lawyers face immense time pressure, with hours lost to manual document review impacting productivity and profitability, especially in the face of escalating client demands and tight deadlines.


Data Security Risks

The protection of sensitive client data is an ongoing priority, given the persistent risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. Implementing rigorous security measures is essential to uphold client trust.

Streamlined Solutions

Explore practical strategies and tools to streamline legal operations and maximize productivity. From automation to collaborative partnerships, discover tailored solutions for today's legal challenges.


Use state of the art analytics tools built into DecoverAI to understand email communications, breakdown expert reports, and understand key topics discussed in discovery.


Generate legal strategies to defend your clients using a repository of millions of case laws.


A platform that offers flexibility to deliver applications tailored to your needs, understands your case, and improves with your usage.

Our Shared Values

At DecoverAI, our core values guide everything we do. We believe in fostering trust, championing customer success, driving innovation, building a supportive community, and advocating for justice. These values are more than just words—they are the foundation of our company culture and the principles that drive us forward every day.


Our Applications

Streamline your eDiscovery with AI, uncovering crucial evidence in seconds to strengthen your case.


Ask questions through Motions, Briefs, and Court Documents. Allows users to interactively query and seek clarification on client and court documents using the power of Large Language Models.

Legal Applications Built Securely

Leverage built-in security functionality with enhanced protections available.

Enhanced Security

Platform Encryption

Event Monitoring

Audit Trail

Built-in Security Functionality

Application Services

Identity & Single Sign-On

Password Policies

User Roles & Permissions

GranularAccess Controls

Network Services

HTTPS Encryption

Secure Firewalls

IP Login Restrictions

Infrastructure Services

Secure Data Centers

Backup and DisasterRecovery

Third Party Certifications

Customer Audits

Empowering Legal Excellence: From Big Law to Boutique Firms

From boutique law firms to multination corporations, our platform is helping legal teams win massive cases through adopting and deploying state of the art technologies in a secure, trustworthy manner. Join thought leaders from the industry and help your team win against them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DecoverAI?

DecoverAI is an advanced AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize eDiscovery and legal research for law firms and legal departments.

If DecoverAI is saving us time and making us more efficient, how do we keep our billable hours up?

DecoverAI is designed to enhance your productivity and effectiveness, allowing you to achieve better outcomes for your clients while maintaining or even increasing your billable hours.

Here's how:

  1. 1. Efficiency Gains: By streamlining your eDiscovery and legal research processes and improving efficiency, DecoverAI enables your team to accomplish tasks more quickly and accurately. This means you can handle larger volumes of work in less time, freeing up additional hours for billable activities.
  2. 2. Focus on Higher-Value Tasks: With DecoverAI handling time-consuming tasks like data indexing, document review, and search, your team can allocate more time to higher-value activities that require human expertise, such as case strategy, legal analysis, and client consultation. This allows you to provide more comprehensive and effective legal services, leading to increased billable hours.
  3. 3. Uncover Valuable Insights: DecoverAI's advanced analytics and insights capabilities enable you to uncover valuable information and insights that may have otherwise been overlooked. By leveraging these insights, you can deliver more value to your clients and identify new opportunities for billable work.

DecoverAI is not meant to replace billable hours, but rather enhance your productivity and effectiveness, empowering you to deliver superior legal services while maintaining or increasing your billable hours.

What are some of the use-cases that I can use DecoverAI for?

Partners: DecoverAI empowers partners to craft robust legal defense strategies, swiftly navigate discovery documents, and identify critical evidence pieces essential for their cases.

Associates: DecoverAI assists associates in efficiently parsing through millions of documents, constructing timelines, and preparing comprehensive narratives for their partners. They can also quickly find relevant precedents from a database of over 1 million case laws.

Paralegals: DecoverAI supports paralegals by streamlining their document review processes, enhancing organizational efficiency, and ensuring meticulous attention to detail throughout the legal preparation stages.

Is DecoverAI secure and compliant with legal standards?

Yes, DecoverAI prioritizes data security and compliance. Our platform is designed to meet the highest standards of security and confidentiality, ensuring that sensitive legal information remains protected at all times.

Can DecoverAI integrate with my existing legal software and systems?

Yes, DecoverAI is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing legal software and systems. Our flexible APIs and compatibility options make integration straightforward and efficient.

Win more legal cases. Let DecoverAI handle the rest.

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